7 Benefits of using Walink short links

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Published on: 2020/07/27

By: @lm_sati


7 Benefits of using Walink short links

Almost 3 years ago we created our first link generator allowing millions of users to create shortened WhatsApp links for free, to add in their marketing campaigns, social media and more. Since december 2019 we provide this service as Walink and users can create their short links under domain.

The exponential increase in WhatsApp links in the last 3 years it's undennieable, especially for Walink's that now surpass more than 1.500.000 million links. These links are now a neccesary tool in almost any kind of business around the world in order to grow and we feel absolutly proud to contribute.

That's the reason why we want to share with you 7 benefits of using Walink short links and why hundreds of thousands of people use our generator every month to create their own shortened WhatsApp links:

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1. Free links

It's kind of obvious our generator would not be as popular as it is today if not for a single fact: Walink links are 100% FREE, they've always been that way and always will be. You just need to fill 2 simple fields in the generator to create your WhatsApp link with a custom message that your clients may send you when they click the link.

2. Shortened links exlusively for WhatsApp

The main reason we created the link generator 3 years ago was to reduce the amount of time and effort it took to create WhatsApp short links then. Walink provides the only link generator where you get a shortened WhatsApp link with domain that you can use anywhere like your Instagram bio.

What's better yet domain is exclusively used for WhatsApp's "Click To Chat" feature, that way users and clients know they'll land on a WhatsApp chat everytime they click a Walink link. Unlike other shortened links that users may land anywhere including malicious websites when they click them.

3. Of course we got emojis!

One of the coolest benefits of using Walink (in our humble opinion) over any other WhatsApp link generator is that The custom message field lets you pick emojis to make it more engaging. You can add emojis from your mobile keyboard picker or the "add emoji" option on your pc that will open the picker:

Walink link generator emojis

4. QR code for each link

After you complete the fields and click the "Generate my" button you'll get your WhatsApp short link, but you will also get a QR code to download and use in any digital channel or even print it to use in traditional media.

5. Walink links are case insensitive

Something that truly makes Walink stand out from other generators and link shorteners is: Every Walink link is case insensitive, that means if you get a link like it won't matter if someone types it in lowercase (, uppercase letters ( or any other random combination of those, that link will always land on your chat granting a better user experience.

6. Your data is safe

We must confess... for you to create Walink links it's essential for us to store the WhatsApp phone number and custom message you type in the generator fields; nonetheless, you can rest assure all the data is encrypted so no one can see it unless they click the link you provide them.

Needless to say to maintain your info private on our side none of Walink free links is indexed by Google or other search engines. Only you are the decision maker on where to post your link.

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7. Walink allows you to create your own custom link

The last 6 benefits we described are mainly focused on Walink's free generated links, so there are actually plenty of benefits for you without spending a single cent on our service.

The link generator is a free tool and will continue to be so, but it doesn't end there for Walink services. Soon you will be able to access our Premium service that we intend to launch this year. For only 6 USD billed annually Premium grants you access to all benefits we've talked about and many more such as the possibility to create your own custom link like, with it you'll increase your brand awareness and users for sure won't have to memorize or save your phone number.

Want to learn more about premium? check out our article on What is Walink premium or simply go to Premium to register.

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