1. Terms of Service acceptance

By entering any of WALINK, INC.’s websites and using the services provided you expressly agree to be bound to the terms and conditions and to respect and comply with the legislation and regulations applied to our services.

If you do not agree with any of the terms herein you must refrain yourself from entering our websites or use services offered by WALINK, INC.

The guidelines determined by WALINK, INC. to respect your privacy and personal information may be found at any time in the Privacy Policy published on our website (https://walink.io /privacy-policy).

2. Service rules

You can find the terms and conditions of WALINK, INC.’s services hereafter.

2.1. What are the options offered by WALINK, INC.?

WALINK, INC. enables various contacting and interaction possibilities for direct communication in WhatsApp between users across social media, internet browsers, email and more.

To accomplish this, in WALINK, INC. we facilitate, among other services that will be described later on, the creation of WhatsApp links, generating a short URL1 associated to a phone number (by its creator) that allows its users to be redirected to a WhatsApp chat or catalog when they click on it. In order to do this at WALINK, INC. we use WhatsApp’s public API2, specifically the “click to chat3” functionality. As an end user of WhatsApp you are responsible for complying with their policies and terms of services, specially the WhatsApp commerce policy4.

WALINK, INC’s options for links generation include:

Free Links: This modality lets users generate any amount of unique WhatsApp short links, completely free. This option allows to:

1) Assign 1 WhatsApp phone number to each URL you create. Keep in mind you could also assign the same phone number to any and every URL you create as shown in the image below:

Walink free link example 1

2) Add a custom message that users of the URL will see and may send to the associated phone number in WhatsApp once they open the chat. URL users can also start the conversation with a message of their own.

Under the Free Links modality, the setup of the URL is marked by our domain “wa.link” followed by a random string of characters. This means that you don’t have the possibility to customize the URL.

Using the Free Links service your URL would look like:

 Walink free link example 2

Premium Links: This modality lets you generate unique WhatsApp links according to your needs, which means that the cost and number of links you create will depend on the settings you configure in your services package as you see more fit for your case.

Under this modality the base of the URL will always be our domain “wa.link”, but you will have the possibility to customize one link component as you can see next:

Walink premium link example

Keep in mind that each link is unique so no user of WALINK, INC.’s services will be allowed to assign the same URL you created to any other WhatsApp phone number while the link exists, unless you acquire the Multiagent Service which we will explained after.

In other words, there will not be 2 identical URLs at any time. The customizable component that you add to the Premium Links you create is subject to availability in our database. If the URL is not available it means that another WALINK, INC. user is using it or that we have reserved the right to enable it to the public for privacy reasons or prevent fraud or abuse.

WALINK, INC.’s Premium Links offer the following possibilities:

1) Assign only 1 WhatsApp phone number to each URL you create. Much like the Free Links service this option allows the same phone number to be associated with multiple URLs you create.

Under the Premium services at WALINK, INC. we also offer the possibility to acquire a package that includes the Multiagent Service, allowing to set multiple WhatsApp phone numbers on a single URL you create.

The allocation of WhatsApp chats opened by users of a Multiagent Service URL will be distributed equitably amongst each of the WhatsApp phone numbers associated with the URL, which means that any one of those numbers, associated by you, will have the same probability to receive a conversation initiated by the user of the URL.

The allocation of the conversations is made in an excluding way, meaning once a user is sent to one of the phone numbers WhatsApp it eliminates the possibility for the other phone numbers to receive that conversation. That way we avoid creating simultaneous conversations with the same user of the URL. Note that the chat allocation is determined by WALINK, INC.’s systems configurations.

You can refer to the image below to understand the Multiagent Service:

Walink multiagent link example

2) Add a custom message that users of the URL will see and may send to the associated phone number in WhatsApp once they open the chat. URL users can also start the conversation with a message of their own.

3) Modify at any time:

  • The customizable component of the URL you create. This possibility is subject to the availability of the custom text you want to change the component to.
  • The phone number associated with the URL.
  • The custom message of the URL.

4) Create catalog links which will take the URL user to a WhatsApp catalog instead of a chat. This possibility will only be available if the phone number associated with the URL you create already has an active WhatsApp Business catalog.

5) Publish a Multilink page where URLs you create can be grouped in a single web page under the “go.wa.link” domain followed by a customizable component similar to the Premium link’s URL customization. This possibility is enabled to accounts that have created 2 or more Premium Links. Additionally, the Multilink page allows the following options:

  • Add a brand image in JPEG or PNG format. Please check the image specifications in the Multilink page feature.
  • Assign a custom name to the buttons containing the URLs you group in the Multilink page. These names are not restricted to availability in our database and can be chosen according to your needs.
  • Add a business privacy policy URL.
  • Add a website URL of your linking.

6) Enable the search feature to list the URL as a result in our WhatsApp links search engine. Activating this option requires additional information to fill the search result card: title, description, country, city, categories, and logo (optional).

7) Transfer the proprietorship of the URL you create to another person, which may incur in an extra cost and must be done in compliance with the conditions applicable to this service. In order to transfer the property of a URL please contact us at: help@wa.link.

8) Track usage data analytics of the custom URL(s) you create, to help you obtain more information and statistics about interactions through the link(s). This information will be available to you in a private dashboard in the app provided by WALINK, INC.

9) Personalized customer support regarding the usage and functioning of the custom URL(s) you create with WALINK, INC.

Other options WALINK, INC. offers to facilitate user communication in WhatsApp are the following:

Open Walink:: A free web app you can use to start a conversation in WhatsApp directly without having to save the counterpart’s phone number in the address book of your device. This option allows to:

1) Open a WhatsApp conversation by selecting the country code and entering the WhatsApp phone number of the counterpart in the app.

2) If the counterpart uses the Premium links service you can enter the custom link you want to start a conversation with instead of the typing the phone number in the app.

3) The app uses PWA5 software technology which enables the possibility for it to be downloaded from the browser to your own device. You can learn how to download the app in this article: https://walink.io/blog/how-to-open-whatsapp-chats-without-saving-contacts.

Search Walink: A feature in our platforms to search for Premium Links created with Walink. This option allows to:

1) Search for Premium Links by entering name or description of the link.

2) Filter search results by country, city, and links’ categories.

3) Open WhatsApp chats and catalogs by clicking on search results.

2.2 What are the differences between the links services offered by WALINK, INC.?

Links services are compared to each other in the following table:

Walink services comparison table
2.3. How much will WALINK, INC. services cost me?

What you pay WALINK, INC. for its services will entirely depend on the options you choose to make use of:

Free Links: This service is free to anyone and won’t generate any additional cost after using it, however, bear in mind the possibilities and limitations of this modality according to what was explained in sections 2.1 and 2.2 (check these sections again if you have any questions).

Premium Links: This service offers you the possibility to configure your own link package to fit your needs and budget. WALINK, INC. will charge on the amount of links you want to acquire so you will only pay on demand. That way we ensure you acquire a package that is most convenient for you.

The price tag WALINK, INC. will charge for each Premium link you acquire is $6 US dollars (USD) a year.

If you want to acquire services complementary to the Premium links (like the Multiagent Service or the possibility to increase the amount of customizable URLs available on your account) you should configure your package so it will include those services.

Keep in mind the complementary services availability may vary and can de conditional on the specific amount of Premium Links you purchase. Please read carefully the conditions on every service package we offer.

The Multiagent Service has an additional cost and may not be available for every Premium Links package you configure. If you want to acquire the Multiagent Service you must make sure to configure a package that enables this option or add it to the package you purchased as long as it is available.

Remember to check the value offer of our Premium Links services as detailed in sections 2.1 and 2.2.

2.4. What should I know about payments, renewals, and cancellations of WALINK, INC. services? (This information applies only to Premium Links)

Consider the following aspects before acquiring any of the services under the Premium Links modality at WALINK, INC.:

1) Price of the Premium Links packages you configure and the additional services described in section 2.3 will be charged in advance. There will be no refunds applied should you decide not to make use of the acquired services.

2) Premium Links package you configure at WALINK, INC. are charged independently from complementary services with additional cost. You can find the cost of each item in the receipt generated the moment you acquire the services. This applies to first time purchases and renewals.

3) WALINK, INC. offers one (1) payment frequency for Premium Links services you acquire as we explained in section 2.3:

a. Annual Payments: This option lets you pay in advance for the Premium Links package you configure and complementary services of your preference that will be available, at any moment, during twelve (12) consecutive months from the date your payment is confirmed and with the possibility of renewal for as many times as you want.

Services acquired under this option will be automatically renewed after a year of the effective payment.

If you don’t want your services to be automatically renewed you should process cancellation of the renewal at least five (5) days before the annuity expires, otherwise the acquired services annuity will be extended and you will have to wait until the next term to cancel.

There will not be any refunds for non canceled service renewals as mentioned before.

4) For you to create a customizable URL first you need to choose and pay (according to the payment options available) the amount of links you want to add to your Premium Links package described in section 2.3. The same applies anytime you want to add a new complementary service to your package.

5) Payment for the Premium Links package you configure or complementary services will be made digitally using a payments processor (such as Stripe or any other provider determined by WALINK, INC.).

Payment methods enabled will depend on our payments processor’s options which is determined by WALINK, INC. The payment method you add for the first time may be saved for future payments. Please carefully read our provider’s terms of service.

Exchange rates and additional charges applied due to the transaction will depend on conditions specified by the financial entity that issued the payment method you choose to acquire WALINK, INC.’s services.

6) After your payment for the Premium Links package(s) and complementary services you acquire is confirmed, they will be enabled in the dashboard in the app provided by WALINK, INC. for you to make use of them until expiration. From that moment there will be no refunds so please configure your Premium Links package(s) and complementary services carefully.

7) Payments for services with auto renewals at WALINK, INC. will be made on term expiration. Auto renewals will apply unless you choose otherwise by processing cancellation as described in aspect 2 of section 2.4.

Auto renewals will be charged by the payments processor determined by WALINK, INC. to the same payment method you added at the moment you acquired the services for the first time or the last effective auto renewal.

If you do not want to continue using a payment method, you should change or update the payment method at the payments processor determined by WALINK, INC. before term expiration. If you do not make the update the total amount will be charged to the default payment method you added and no refunds will apply on behalf of WALINK, INC. or the payments processor.

8) Only at the time payments or renewals are charged the payments processor determined by WALINK, INC. will make up to four (4) additional attempts to charge the payment method within the next two (2) weeks after the initial attempt.

Therefore, you have up to two (2) weeks to solve any inconsistencies presented with the selected payment method or change it if you deem necessary.

After the fourth attempt if our payments processor could not successfully charge the amount due for renewal you will loose access to the services you acquired with us, which means, they will be canceled automatically. Then you will lose proprietorship of the customizable URLs you created meaning that they will be available to be used by a third party, and no responsibility will fall on WALINK, INC.

In WALINK, INC. you can view the expiration date and renewal information in the app’s dashboard and our payments processor platform. WALINK, INC. has also configured automatic emails through the payments processor in case the following events occur:

  • Failed payment.
  • Upcoming renovation.
  • Soon to expire payment method.
  • Other events the payments processor deem helpful for the payment process.

Kindly be aware of or emails and notifications and to keep your payment methods up to date and avoid any issue.

9) You can cancel the Premium Links package you configured and complementary services acquire with WALINK, INC. at any moment. However, mind the following:

a. Cancellation does not imply refund,

b. Once you process cancellation services cannot be reactivated, unless there is still time left on the acquired services term. Cancellation implies losing the proprietorship of the customizable URLs you created, at the expiration date. This means the URLs will be available to be used by a third party and no responsibility will fall on WALINK, INC.

c. If you want to re-enable the Premium Links services after expiration you will have to acquire them as “new”, paying 100% of the applicable costs with no credit balance from the moment you stopped using the services because of the voluntary cancellation.

Please consider these consequences before proceeding to cancel your services with WALINK, INC.

10) Cancellation will take effect and services acquired with WALINK, INC. will remain active and available if you process cancellation after the five (5) days mark to expire, which means autorenewal will take effect.

11) If you still want to cancel WALINK, INC.’s services after the auto renewal takes place you will have to process cancellation again, which will take effect immediately as long as you process it within the stablished time frame, that is, at least five (5) days prior to the expiration date. Cancellation effects are the same ones explained in aspect 8.

2.5. What can I do if I need to increase or add services to the acquired package at WALINK, INC.? (This information applies only to Premium Links)

At WALINK, INC. we understand that from time to time you may want to increase the number of links of the Premium Links package you initially configured in order to create more customizable URLs, or simply want to add new complementary services to upgrade your experience and make use of all functionalities and features.

Great news! With WALINK, INC. it is possible to do that, but you need to consider the following:

1) You can only add new URLs under the Premium Links modality and/or complementary services described in section 2.3. Applicable conditions are the same stated in that section.

2) Payment for the additional services will be made as explained in section 2.4 but some variations apply:

a. If the date you purchase new customizable URLs under Premium Links modality and/or complementary services is different from the services renewal date, at WALINK, INC. we will make a recomposition of your subscription in order to unify the renewal and payment dates.

b. Recomposition will take place any time you acquire new customizable URLs under the Premium Links modality and/or complementary services.

c. What does the recomposition implies?

• Recomposition implies we will unify the dates of renewal and payment for every active service you have on WALINK, INC., including the additional services.

• Unification will take place the date which the initial services package expires.

In other words, for the new customizable URLs and/or complementary services you wish to add to your Premium Links package, you will pay an amount proportionally until the unification date is reached. That means the proportional cost of the new services will be determined by the amount of time until the next renewal date of the services you previously acquired.

At WALINK, INC. we will charge only for the time of use of the new services, from the date you purchased them until the next renewal date of the services you initially purchased, the unification date.

Thus you will pay a fair price for the time you will use the newly acquired services, until the unification date when your payment method will be charged for all the active services you still have with WALINK, INK. which matches the date of expiration and renewal of those services.

• When the proportional payment term passes, the renewal date of the new services from that moment on will be the expiration date of the services previously acquired with WALINK, INC.

• Please keep in mind that the auto renewal will also apply for the new services as explained in section 2.4.

• To ensure you can make use of the newly acquired services in your Premium Links package, you must make the proportional payment as explained before.

When the proportional payment term passes, and the auto renewal date comes you must make sure there will be no inconveniences with the payment method you selected to be charged for the price of the services acquired with WALINK, INC., that is, including the newly and previously acquired services.

The activation of the renewal for all services acquired with WALINK, INC. will only take place when there is confirmation of the payment of the total amount due. Partial payments are not allowed, so we recommend you check your selected payment methods to ensure they can be charged.

The payments processor determined by WALINK, INC. will make independent charges as detailed in section 2.4 and as follows:

  • One unique charge for every customizable URL you have in the platform under Premium Links modality, and
  • One charge for complementary services.

You can view the details of your transactions in the receipt generated by the payments processor.

• The amount due in the event of recomposition will be calculated proportionally to the time between the date of acquisition of the new services and the expiration date initially scheduled for the previously acquired services.

In other words, we will divide the current fee WALINK, INC. stablished for the services between the amount of days left between the acquisition date and the unification date for renewal and payment of the services acquired with WALINK, INC. (including the added services).

That way WALINK, INC. ensures you pay a fair amount for the recomposition of your subscription according and consistent with our fees.

• Keep in mind the total amount due for the proportional term until unification will be automatically calculated the moment you want to acquire the new customizable URLs for your Premium Links package and/or add the complementary services.

In the event the total amount due is less than minimum amount for processing a transaction through the payments processor determined by WALINK, INC. the system will mark it as “payed” temporarily.

However, the amount will be charged on the next date of renewal alongside any other services you acquired at WALINK, INC. and will appear in the corresponding invoice and receipt.

d. What if I canceled the auto renewal but I want to acquire new services with WALINK, INC.?

If you canceled the automatic renewal of your services as described in section 2.4 and want to acquire new services at WALINK, INC. you have some options:

  1. You can benefit from the recomposition mentioned in literal c. in this section, by making a payment for the services proportional to the time left until the initial expiration date of the package you configured, date in which all services will expire unless you reactivate the auto renewal at the payments processor determined by WALINK, INC.

  2. You could wait pass the initial expiration date and then acquire all the services you need from WALINK, INC. when you need them.

e. What can I do if I’m using the Free Links services, but I want to acquire new services with WALINK, INC.?

Free Links services are unlimited but be sure to remember their restrictions. For example, under this modality you cannot create customizable URLs or create a Multilink page.

If you want to use any of the Premium Links services detailed in section 2.3 you will have to configure and acquire a package according to your needs and budget in the app provided by WALINK, INC. and rules from section 2.4 will apply.

2.6 What can I do if I need to decrease or remove services from the acquired package at WALINK, INC.? (This information applies only to Premium Links)

At WALINK, INC. we understand that from time to time you may want to decrease the number of links of the Premium Links package you initially configured in order to reduce the amount of customizable URLs, or simply want to remove complementary services associated with your account. This possibility will only apply to unused URLs.

The following information applies for services with a Annual Payment frequency option explained in aspect 3(b) in section 2.4 if you decide to decrease the number of links in your package or remove services acquired with WALINK, INC.

  • By acquiring services under Annual Payment frequency option it implies you paid in advance for twelve (12) consecutive months of use of the Premium Links package you configured and complementary services.
  • Thus, when you reduce or remove services in our platform you will receive credit balance on the account you created with payments processor determined by WALINK, INC., proportional to the time left between the date you applied the reduction and the date of the new billing cycle. This allows us to charge a fair amount according to the time of use of our services.
  • The credit balance will be used when you pay for new services or the next time the current services you acquired with WALINK, INC. are renewed.
3. What are my obligations when acquiring WALINK, INC. services?

By acquiring WALINK, INC. services you agree:

• To have the capacity and be allowed to enter valid contracts under the regulations of your home country or the country from which you are acquiring WALINK, INC. services.

• To accept and comply with the terms, rules and conditions of WALINK, INC. services.

• To cancel your subscription to WALINK, INC.’s communications and notifications only after you permanently cancelled the services you acquired from us.

• To be the sole owner of the account and license granted by WALINK, INC. for services you acquired with us. This permission is equivalent a license concession and not to a title deed transfer of our services, for which the following is prohibited:

  • Delete the copyright or any other proprietor title or annotation from WALINK, INC.’s resources and/or assets,
  • Try to decompile or reverse engineering any kind of software provided by WALINK, INC.,

• To make a proprietor transfer of your account or customizable URLs following WALINK, INC.’s guidelines and authorized methods. (The possibility to transfer the proprietorship applies only to Premium Links packages and may incur in additional costs. Please check the rules and conditions of the service).

• To provide your personal information and data or information of a third party if you have their consent and authorization to do it.

• To pay costs and fees associated with services you acquire with WALINK, INC. when applicable.

• To use your own payment methods or a third party’s payment method if you have authorization to do it.

• Not to misuse services offered by WALINK, INC. fraudulently or maliciously to potentially (or actually) harm the reputation, brand, or property of a third party.

• Not to misuse services offered by WALINK, INC. for activities classified as criminal in your home country or any country where our services are available. In case you do, you will assume responsibility and consequences of your actions and will not involve or make WALINK, INC. responsible in any way.

• To comply with the following procedures:

a. Change the phone number: When you change the phone number associated to any URL you created through WALINK, INC., you must do the following, depending on the services you used:

  • Free Links: Request deletion of the free link(s) in the provided form at WALINK, INC. WhatsApp phone number modification in URLs is not available in this modality.
  • Premium Links: Update the WhatsApp phone number associated with your customizable URL(s) within our platform. Keep in mind your customizable URLs do not depend on the WhatsApp phone number associated but the proprietorship of the account where they are created with WALINK, INC.

b. Transfer URL proprietorship: This procedure is only available for Premium Links services. If you wish to transfer the proprietorship of customizable URLs you created through WALINK, INC. to a third party, you must do the following:

  • Request a proprietorship transfer of the URL(s) at help@wa.link.
  • Pay the corresponding costs and fees determined by WALINK, INC. to change the proprietorship.

When the transfer is done, you will lose the possibility to use and manage the transferred customizable URL(s) you created at WALINK, INC.

**Bear in mind, changing the personal information associated with the account in WALINK, INC. does not constitute a proprietorship transfer, as long as you continue to have access to the account.

Any operation you make under this procedure is at your own risk and responsibility and may incur in associated costs. Check the specific conditions of this service before using it.

When the transfer is done, at WALINK, INC. we are not able to reverse this transaction. We strongly recommend you to be careful when making this procedure!

4. What are WALINK, INC.’S obligations?

By acquiring WALINK, INC.’s services we agree:

• To grant you permission to use the services you choose as described in our terms of service.

• To acknowledge you as the owner of the customizable URL(s) you create, as long as you don’t misuse our services fraudulently or maliciously to potentially (or actually) harm the reputation, brand, or property of a third party.

• To respect your personal information as described in our Privacy Policy.

• To not make additional and unauthorized charges, except in the events described in section 2.5.

• To give personalized support regarding operation and managing of services included in Premium Links packages.

  • Or support offer is 24 to 48 hours to contact you and respond your inquiries. Keep in mind the actual solution to any issue may take longer than that depending on the complexity of the issue at hand.
5. WALINK, INC. liability and responsibilities exclusions

Our services rules are clear. Bear in mind our responsibility is limited to the terms of service we offer, thus WALINK, INC. is not responsible for:

• The intermittence, errors or failures presented in WALINK, INC.’s third party service providers such as cloud, payments processor or any other technology service or resource provider. In case of this events, at WALINK, INC. we will do everything in our reach to find a solution, but the responsibility falls on the providers.

None of the circumstances mentioned above will imply partial or total refund of the amount you paid for our services, nor will it imply an extension of the aforementioned.

• The terms of service of any provider’s services or infrastructure (technological or payments) which you may interact with by using WALINK, INC. services.

The inclusion of any hyperlink to third party websites or platforms does not imply endorsement by WALINK, INC. Any use of websites or apps linked to our services is under your own risk and you waive any claim to WALINK, INC.

• The fraudulent or malicious misuse of our services by any individual to potentially (or actually) harm the reputation, brand, or property of a third party.

• Errors, omissions, or inappropriate use of our services, including for example:

  • Use of inappropriate language in WhatsApp conversations which URLs created through WALINK, INC. lead to.
  • Wrong or malicious association of WhatsApp phone numbers belonging to third parties.
  • Errors in URLs configurations.

At WALINK, INC. we reserve the right to investigate third party complaints as a result of potential (or actual) damages to their identity, reputation, brand or property because of fraudulent or malicious use of our services.

The paragraph above implies that at WALINK, INC. we can revoke or limit (temporarily or permanently) access to our services if we find reasonable evidence of fraudulent or malicious misuse. The revocation or limitation of access to our services may happen when we receive an order from the authorities in that regard.

The possibility to use of any URL (free or customizable) you acquired or created may be disabled whilst an investigation is complete either by WALINK, INC. or the concerned authorities. You will receive a timely notification regarding these decisions and will be contacted if we consider you need to present evidence in your defense.

None of the circumstances mentioned above will imply partial or total refund of the amount you paid for our services, nor will it imply an extension of the aforementioned.

If you are a victim of impersonation, identity fraud, or damage to your reputation or brand, you must contact WALINK, INC. and provide sufficient evidence to prove the events.

Keep in mind, if WALINK, INC. cannot find reasonable evidence proving the fraudulent or malicious use of our services, you should attempt using other legal mechanisms available to you to defend your interests.

WALINK, INC. is not responsible, nor does it grant any compensation damages you may suffer due to the fraudulent or malicious misuse of our services from a third party. Any responsibility and/or compensation generated by the fraudulent or malicious misuse will fall 100% on the third party misusing our services.

6. Modifications

WALINK, INC. may review at any time and without prior notice these terms of service. By using this website or any other platform owned by WALINK, INC. you agree to the current version of these terms of service.

7. Applicable law

These terms of service are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Delaware (United States) and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that state or location.

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  2. Application Programming Interface.
  3. “WhatsApp's click to chat feature allows you to begin a chat with someone without having their phone number saved in your phone's address book…” quoted from: https://faq.whatsapp.com/general/chats/how-to-use-click-to-chat?lang=en
  4. This policy can be found at: https://www.whatsapp.com/legal/commerce-policy/
  5. Progressive Web Apps.


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