Differences between free and Premium WhatsApp links

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Published on: 2021/02/22

By: @lm_sati


Differences between free and Premium WhatsApp links

Starting a business on WhatsApp is as simple as downloading the app, setting up a professional looking profile and leading users to your chat to offer them products and services. Our goal at Walink is to help people get more customers and increase sales mainly with WhatsApp links with domain name, which provide quick access for users to contact businesses in the app.

As easy as it is to start selling on WhatsApp we believe our platform should be at anyone's reach, that is why there are 2 versions of our link generation service: free links and Premium links.

In this article you will find the main differences between free and Premium WhatsApp links, and we will share a short conclusion on which one is better for your business.

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WhatsApp link pricing

Beginning with the obvious, the first difference between both versions of the service is pricing.

Free links are free (who would have thought...), you can create as many links as you need without having to register. Just enter your WhatsApp phone number and custom message, for people to send to you when they click the link, and the generator will provide a WhatsApp short link with a QR code. You can create these in our WhatsApp link generator .

Walink's Premium links cost $6 USD each and are renewed in an annual subscription. You can create as many links as you like for your business at Walink Premium and each one will get it's own QR code too.

Branded WhatsApp links

If you have created free links you probably noticed the generator provides links with domain name and then a random string of characters like The second difference is that Premium links allow you to customize the URL so you can create something like to improve brand awareness.

Branded links also improve the business potential to get more chats in WhatsApp and increase conversion rate as users associate the link with a direct contact with the business in WhatsApp. Even when users don't click, just by remembering your brand's name they can enter the link in their browser and reach you in WhatsApp.

Edit the links info

The third difference is that Premium links let you edit the info at any time while free links are to be used as created and cannot be changed at all, if you want different info in a free link you'll just have to create a new one.

Info you can modify for Premium links:

  • WhatsApp phone number: it won't be a problem if you ever change your phone number.
  • Custom message: you can change it whenever you need to.
  • Custom URL: that's right, you can also change the URL. However, keep in mind that by doing so people won't be able to reach you with the former URL.

The first 2 items (number and message) can be modified at any moment without affecting the link which will keep working as is wherever you shared it.

WhatsApp link analytics

As Premium links are a more professional tool, the fourth difference is click analytics for business to adjust their strategies according to the performance of their WhatsApp links.

Premium links track generic click data. To maintain security and privacy as transparent as possible between users and businesses, links do not collect any private information from users, track their IP address nor use cookies. Next is a list of data you'll get from clicks:

  • Source (e.g: social media platforms)
  • OS (e.g: Android)
  • Country (e.g United States)

WhatsApp Business catalog links

The fifth difference is that Walink Premium allows you to create branded catalog links, that means you can create a link like that leads users directly to your catalog instead of your chat.

If you are using WhatsApp for your business or considering it you may have heard about WhatsApp Business. The business version of the app lets business create a products and services catalog where users can also add products to a shopping cart and then send it as a message when they want to buy something.

Multilink page

For many businesses it is important to have more than 1 Premium for different options like sales, catalog, stores, agents, events, etc. Unfortunately, it is not easy to share many links in key places of the digital platforms we use daily.

A solution for this is The sixth difference between free and Premium WhatsApp links, once you acquire 2 Premium links we enable the possibility to create your own Multilink web page to group the Premium links you need under a single URL that will be easier to share.

Create your own branded WhatsApp links like Register at Walink Premium and make your business grow with branded links, Multilink page, Multiagent service and more from $6 USD a year.

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Which is the best option between free and Premium

Both Premium and free have their own advantages that you must consider to know which is the best option for your business.

Premium Links:

  • Very affordable and paid annually.
  • Access to a private admin dashboard.
  • Premium links' features go beyond simple branded link creation that really give you a substantial advantage over free ones.
  • We are constantly adding new services and solutions associated with Premium links that allow businesses to keep bringing more customers to their WhatsApp and increase sales.

Free links:

  • The main advantage is that these are free, and you can create as many as you want without quantity restrictions or worrying about your budget.
  • There are many limitations in terms of business solutions, but these are perfect to use in marketing and ads campaigns when you need to create many links and the URL won't be visible for users.

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