Send WhatsApp messages without saving contacts

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Published on: 2021/05/01

By: @lm_sati


Send WhatsApp messages without saving contacts

On 2021 we have witnessed a continuous increase in the amount of businesses using WhatsApp as a customer service channel (if not the main one), now companies understand the desire of users to connect in a personalized and comfortable way through chats because it's simple and at everyone's reach.

Even so, unlike other platforms and apps, it is not possible to search for users within WhatsApp as if it were a global directory to add them and chat. The main way to send messages in WhatsApp requires the user to save the contact on their device so the app can enable it to chat. Now there are 3 alternatives to send WhatsApp messages without saving contacts.

1. WhatsApp links

WhatsApp links are the most effective tool to drive traffic to your chat from digital and traditional media. By clicking the link, you will reach the chat of the phone number assigned to that link and then you can send WhatsApp messages without previously saving the contact.

Free WhatsApp links

Every WhatsApp account has its own link which you can add a custom message for users to start the conversation. Besides that link you can also create additional WhatsApp links with a WhatsApp link generator like ours for free. Simply add your phone number and the message you want people to send you after they click the link.

Branded WhatsApp links

To grow in brand awareness and provide a trust worthy link to users, it is also possible to create branded links like in our platform Walink Premium .

A branded link created at Walink allows businesses to edit the link's info whenever they need, connect it to the WhatsApp Business catalog and even list it in our WhatsApp links search engine.

Create your own branded WhatsApp links like Register at Walink Premium and make your business grow with branded links, Multilink page, Multiagent service and more from $6 USD a year.

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WhatsApp QR codes

QR codes are inherent to links generated in our platforms, so they are an excellent option to send WhatsApp messages without saving contacts. Besides, QR codes have a great advantage over links when it comes to traditional media as you can print the image to be scanned by users at any location.

2. Open Walink

Open Walink is a web app we released at the end of 2020 you can use in your browser and even install in your device. With it you can open WhatsApp chats without saving contacts in your smartphone neither clicking links.

Go to so you can open WhatsApp chats in 2 ways:

  • Type the phone number of the person or business you want to contact.
  • If you know it, you can also type the of that person or business.

You will never have to save another phone number to start a conversation in WhatsApp. With Open Walink enter the phone number or link in the app an start texting in 1 click for free!

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3. WhatsApp links search engine

That's right, even though there is no feature in WhatsApp to search for users, we have created our own WhatsApp links search engine to find businesses using a branded WhatsApp The WhatsApp links search engine not only allows you to send WhatsApp messages without saving contacts, but also discover new businesses in your area and search by category or type of business.

Find businesses using WhatsApp in your area, simply search by name or description in the WhatsApp links search engine and chat with them in 1 click.

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