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Published on: 2020/07/24

By: @lm_sati

Walink WhatsApp links generator

Welcome to the incredible world of WhatsApp links. If you are running a business and provide customer support or drive sales through WhatsApp you are just in the right place and about to take your chat conversion rate to a whole other level.

What is Walink

Walink is a web service, property of Walink Inc, that allows people worldwide to create an easy and instant access to their WhatsApp chat.

You can create limitless accesses to your chat for free using Walink's WhatsApp links generator in 3 steps:

  1. Type your WhatsApp phone number.
  2. Write a custom message.
  3. Click the "Generate my" button.

It's that simple. After clicking the button the generator will provide your WhatsApp short link with domain similar to this one:

Who can use Walink's link generator?

EVERYONE, any person or business in the world can make use of our free generator to add WhatsApp short links on their social media or any marketing channel.

If you are want to learn more about Walink news, our premium services, pro-tips for sales on WhatsApp and everything related to the wonderful and prosperous world of WhatsApp links check out our latest post in our Blog.

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