What is a WhatsApp links generator?

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Published on: 2020/07/25

By: @lm_sati


Walink's free WhatsApp links generator

To understand what a WhatsApp link generator is it's important for you to know about a particular feature the messaging app offers to its users.

You probably have seen an instagram add, story or post with one of these copys:

  • "Click the link in bio to chat"
  • "Click this add to chat in WhatsApp"
  • "Swipe up to buy in WhatsApp"

We're almost certain you've not only seen that kind of content but have noticed an increase of those posts in the last few years. Whenever you click or swipe you are using WhatsApp's feature "Click To Chat".

What is WhatsApp's "Click To Chat"

As the name implies WhatsApp developed this feature for users to click on a link (URL) that takes them directly to a specific user's chat. Over time the URL's syntax has changed but it basically looks like this in 2020:

Read the link carefully and you'll see a phone number and a custom text that users who clicked the link can then send to the owner of that link when the chat opens. In order to create this link you have to type it manually which is obviously not the optimal way do it and it's especially hard when you want to include special characters in the custom text.

By using WhatsApp Business you get your unique account link similar to this one:

Walink's link generator

Now that you know about "Click To Chat" you'll understand a WhatsApp link generator is exactly what the name says: a tool to create WhatsApp links avoiding the tedious process of typing it manually or depending on the unique, long and ugly WhatsApp Business link.

Walink's main feature is a service specifically created to generate WhatsApp links in 3 simple steps as you can see in the image below:

  1. Type in your phone number.
  2. Write a custom message.
  3. Click the "generate" button.

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What's better yet is that the generator provides a short link for you to add it on your social media or any digital or marketing platform you use, also a QR code to download and use it however you want. All this for free!.

As you can see a WhatsApp links generator is a very useful and practical tool, especially when you need to create lots of links, like in marketing campaigns or adding them to your product digital catalog. if you want to know more about Walink's generator you can also read 3 differences between Walink and wa me WhatsApp links.

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