10 keys to deliver great customer service in WhatsApp

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Published on: 2020/09/21

By: @lm_sati


10 keys to deliver great customer service in WhatsApp

As we've mentioned in other articles WhatsApp has become a favorite for users and business alike to interact with each other specifically to deal on products and services. Even so, selling on WhatsApp is not an easy task, but one that demands commitment and learning how to deliver great customer service is a must to grow your business here.

Success in WhatsApp is defined by your professionalism in conversations with clients and then by the operative efficiency when managing the messaging app. You must be willing to spend time, money and effort in order to achieve better results and grow your sales in the app, so we consolidated 10 keys to deliver great customer service in WhatsApp.

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10 Keys to deliver great customer service in WhatsApp

After years of providing links with our WhatsApp links generator and understanding the dynamic between businesses and users in the app we've consolidated 10 keys to deliver great customer service in WhatsApp that will make your business grow faster and consistently.

1. Be patient

Every customer deserves to be treated as your best client. Patience is a key factor for you to organize your time and increase the number of chats you can reply.

Don't stress out on the amount of messages and conversations pending in your WhatsApp, as good ads campaigns tend to lead between a 100 and 150 users to your chat daily.

Try to have enough time to reply every message whenever you open the app.

2. Be professional and friendly when texting

Professionalism is expressed via text in a messaging app, remember users aren't hearing your voice so they can't imagine how you say things. Warm and friendly messages go a long way and are much better than plain answers.

Start by greeting the user:

  • Hi, Welcome to BRAND's chat. May i assist you?
  • Welcome to BRAND's chat, my name is NAME. May i assist you?

Complements to your answers:

  • Of course...
  • Absolutely...
  • Just let me know.
  • Thank you for your purchase.

3. Chronological order

In WhatsApp you reply messages from bottom to top, "FIFO" style (First In First Out). Whoever texted you first must be replied first.

Create automated messages in the WhatsApp Business app.

Some users will send constant messages. Let them know you're there to answer as soon as possible but you reply in chronological order.

If by any chance you take too much time to reply a message, apologize and explain the delay.

  • I apologize, our business hours are as follows: from X a.m. to X p.m....
  • I apologize for the delay, there are many customers texting right now. It may take me some time but i'll assit you as soon as possible.

4. Give precise answers

Give cristal clear, precise and complete answers.

Customers just want to be well informed before they buy something, that is why precise and complete answers lead to more sales.

Let users talk and don't rush your answers, if you don't understand what they meant just formulate a "counter question" to identify what they want.

On most occasions extended information is really valuable and can save a lot of time.

  • i.e: Customers asking for a product's price usually ask for size after. Don't wait for the user to ask those 2 questions, prepare messages to answer both at the same time.

5. Blue ticks

Professional customer service highlights with transparent communication. Set the blue ticks and your "last seen online" features in your WhatsApp for people to know when you read their message.

Should you open a conversation when a customer texts, REPLY! Try not to delay your answer for more than 10 minutes after reading a message, if you don't have the answer let them know you'll check and be right back.

If you ignore a message apologize to the customer and explain why you didn't reply at that moment.

6. You lead the conversation

Always lead the conversation once a customer is in your chat.

Conversations in WhatsApp begin and end. The agent must be the one who sends the last message in any conversation to have control over what's happening with any customer and know:

  • How many unread conversations there are.
  • Which conversations have ended.
  • Which chats are waiting for an answer.

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7. Be assertive, positivity and kindness always win

Be positive, proactive and assertive: From time to time users will ask for stuff you can't offer like lowering prices for no reason, asking for exlusive treatment or want their items delivered in the next few hours.

Avoid negativity: i.e: When a customer texts "your product is expensive" don't say it's not, explain why it's worth it!

Users are prone and more receptive to positive communication: Great agents don't let emotions intervene, if a customer turns to negative or agressive behavior keep calm, replying with positivity and kindness is better and saves a lot of time.

Learn to handle objections: Customers that are really interested in the product/service tend to ask more questions about it.

8. Honesty

Your brand reputation depends on it, honesty is an inherent quality of business and not a differentiating factor.

Don't ever make promises you can't keep just to close a deal. This behavior leads to bad reputation and decreases long term sales.

Keep your promises:

  • Delivery time.
  • Discounts.
  • Product stock.

9. Work for long term brand loyalty

A loyal customer si worth 2X but unsatisfied clients may affect at least 5 more people around them. Working for long term relations strengthen trust and leads customers to buy more and recommend your products to others.

It's not just about closing deals. True ROI in business is measured long term and it's capacity to get loyal customers will define it as successful.

Deliver great customer service

  • Follow the 10 keys in this article.
  • Add your brand's touch.

10. Script and record chat data

The 10th key to deliver great customer service is to make sure you do 3 simple admin tasks to make your job easier and let your business grow faster every day:

  1. Create a script for agents to find answers in any scenario.
  2. Record daily chat data like:
  • Date.
  • Customer's name.
  • Products.
  • Sale value.
  • Customer's level of interest.
  1. Record global chat data like:
  • Number of daily chats.
  • Daily sales.
  • Average ticket.

What must not be done

Last but not least we want to share some actions you must avoid at all cost when messaging customers in WhatsApp:

  • Do not start conversations without customer consent: Follow your country's privacy policy laws.
  • Never ignore messages: The blue ticks are a sign of disrespect towards users when you don't reply messages.
  • Avoid sending bulk messages: This alone greatly reduces the chance of growing sales as customers lose personalization and can become annoying. Besides, it's forbidden by WhatsApp! Check WhatsApp's terms of service .
  • Stick to text, don't send voice messages: Audio can't be traced, you can't take screenshots of it and are problematic when you need evidence of what was said. If customers send you voice messages transcribe what they said and ask for confirmation.
  • Avoid arguing with customers and engaging in unnecessary discussions: Being patient and staying calm is literally the first key to great customer service in WhatsApp.
  • Don't ever say "I don't know", "I can't" or "I don't want to": It may seem obvious but on many occasions we found out agents use these. Don't say that as these kind of messages usually make the customer infer "if the agent can't do it, someone else can" and they'll try to reach for a manager or at least change the agent.

You can also read 10 things you should avoid when selling on WhatsApp.

We hope you make great use of this article and start improving your business customer service to grow your sales.

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