How to use multiple agents and numbers in WhatsApp

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Published on: 2021/08/3

By: @lm_sati


How to use multiple agents and numbers in WhatsApp

That’s right, it is possible to use multiple agents and numbers in WhatsApp to message customers in your business, without paying for complex and pricy platforms that usually have more functionalities than your business really needs.

If you are using WhatsApp links to lead customers to your chat, you know you can assign only 1 WhatsApp phone number to a link, which is great as long as there is only one person replying to customers at a time. Having an official WhatsApp link for your business (like is ideal for your customers to keep your official WhatsApp in mind however, if your business is starting to grow or you have a team with multiple devices to message customers in chat, 1 link won’t be enough for everyone to take part in it.

At Walink, we understood the need to grow a business capacity to reply to chats, without having to increase the number of links you use therefore confusing customers on which link to use. Hence, we launched our own Multiagent service so you can use multiple agents and numbers in WhatsApp with just 1 link.

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How does the Multiagent service for WhatsApp works

A WhatsApp link’s purpose is to open a WhatsApp chat with 1 phone number assigned to the link. The Multiagent service allows you to assign multiple WhatsApp phone numbers to the same link to distribute the chats among agents.

For instance, could be the official WhatsApp link for your sales team so when users click the link they will open a WhatsApp chat with anyone who is assigned to the link. That way, your business will be able to handle a lot more chats from 1 link and your whole team will be involved, no need for learning fancy tools.

You can access the Multiagent service for free for 14 days at Walink Premium and add your agents to your branded links.

How do agents work in the Multiagent service

A WhatsApp link has a single agent by default, you create the link and assign a phone number to it (the first agent). Agents are basically additional WhatsApp phone numbers that can be assigned to one of your Premium links, each one with its own custom message. When you assign 1 or more agents to a Premium link it will work as a Multiagent link and distribute the chats between agents assigned when clicked.

Use cases

A Multiagent link is a very valuable tool for business that use WhatsApp for sales or customer service. With a Multiagent link there is no need to create links for every agent in your business, which is better for communicating with users and allows you to have an official link no matter how many people are replying to customer messages.

Another good reason to use multiple agents and numbers in WhatsApp is if you have a constant and high flow of chats. If you receive many chats daily because your business is growing or you publish ads, it will be essential to include more people to reply to messages and provide customer services, and what better way than driving all your traffic through a single WhatsApp link.

We suggest you try the Multiagent service mainly if your business:

  1. Has a sales team where everyone or some of them handle customers chats.
  2. Provides customer support with multiple agents (like a call center for WhatsApp).

These are just a couple of examples of what you can do with Multiagent service for WhatsApp that don’t require learning how to use new platforms, simply to use the app your team knows and is familiar with so nothing will change for them.

Free trial

To try Walink’s Multiagent service, understand how it works and know if it’s what your business needs, **we decided to give a 14 day free trial to all our Premium users with up to 5 agents to assign to your branded WhatsApp links so you can expand your business capacity.

Learn how to create multiagent links for WhatsApp in Walink Premium.

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