Never send audio messages to sell on WhatsApp

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Published on: 2021/10/02

By: @lm_sati


Never send audio messages to sell on WhatsApp

They key for successful sales on WhatsApp lies in your professionalism while texting clients. Great customer service makes conversations smoother, gets usersโ€™ attention and creates loyal customers.

Though we use WhatsApp daily for personal matters, it is important to understand that chats should be handled according to the 10 keys to deliver great customer service in WhatsApp and avoid bad practices like audio messages for better performance.

Sending audio messages in WhatsApp may be the cause for multiple errors and mistakes in the app. We are listing 4 reasons why you should never send audio messages to sell on WhatsApp.

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4 reasons why you should never send audio messages to sell on WhatsApp

1. You can't be certain the other person heard the message

When you send an audio message to your customers you can't be certain if they heard the message completely or even if they understood what you wanted to say, even If you ask for confirmation.

2. Could take longer to record the audio than simply texting

There are 2 points on this:

  • While recording an audio we tend to speak on a personal level which may lead to extend the information and details just because of the way we talk.
  • On many occasions the information contained in the audio may simply be added to a quick response message in WhatsApp Business.

3. You can't track audio

An advantage of text is that you can use the search feature in WhatsApp to find information shared in chats.

One of the main reasons why you should never send audio messages to sell on WhatsApp is because it is impossible to track audio messages. As you can't neither track nor be certain the customer listened to you message it could lead to many problems when you need to prove anything if something goes wrong in the selling process.

4. Could be taken out of context

On a text focused app like WhatsApp you can clearly read messages from top to bottom and always verify what's being said. However, because you can't be certain the customer understood or heard an audio message this may lead to mistakes due to information or details taken out of context and out of the main thread.

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What to do when customers send audio messages

Now you know that audio messages can lead to unnecessary problems, but you can't stop your customers from sending audio themselves.

In this case you should send them a text message with the exact details they told you on audio and ask for confirmation. That way you make sure you understood completely what they wanted to say and you can track this information later if needed.

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