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Published on: 2022/03/25

By: @lm_sati


If your business requires for you to ask the same questions to your customers over and over to provide your products and services, our new form links for WhatsApp are the ideal solution.

Car dealerships, hotels, real estate agencies, insurance carries, and financial entities are some of many businesses that need data and information from their customers to offer products and services that suit their needs, but collecting that information in WhatsApp can be tedious as you need to invest more time with each user to ask all the necessary questions and for them to answer.

While working with a few chats may not be a challenge at all, handling hundreds of chats for this purpose can be a nightmare and a huge waste of time. That’s what Walink form links for WhatsApp are good for.

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What are form links for WhatsApp

Form links for WhatsApp were created to make it simpler to get customer data in your chat and avoid wasting time on questions that can be answered before the conversations starts.

Imagine a questionnaire that when customers complete it they can send all the answers directly to your WhatsApp chat in a single message for you to offer your products and services.


Here is a demo of how users will see the questions after clicking on the WhatsApp form link:

Can I get leads with form links?

Yes, although not at launch.

At launch, form links will allow you to create forms with up to 15 questions and your customers will be able to send the answers to your chat once they complete the questionnaire.

Soon we will add the possibility to obtain all the answers outside the WhatsApp, even if users don’t send you their answers when they complete the form you can get the data to use it according to your privacy policy and WhatsApp’s.

How many form links can I purchase?

You can purchase as many links as you need for your business.

Is Premium links plan required to get form links?


Form links is a monthly subscription service independent from Premium links. Which means, that Premium links are not required to create form links in our platform and you can pay only for Form links if that’s what your business needs.

Is there a limit of questions in form links for WhatsApp?

Yes, the limit is 15 questions, but we recommend to maintain questionnaires short to get a better conversion rate. However, we set a 15 questions limit so all types of businesses get to create as many as they think are relevant to offer their products and services.

How many answers can I get with form links?

There is no limit.

Unlike other platforms that provide forms, with Walink there is no limit on the amount of answers you can get with your form links and there won't be additional charges for exceding any amount of answers. You only need to pay the monthly subsciption for the amount of form links you are subscribed to.

Why form links for WhatsApp are more efficient than conversation and even chatbots

Form links allow users to answer simple questions that businesses may need to offer products and services, like name, age, budget, or dates. While this is something a chatbot can perfectly do, it is way easier to answer these kinds of questions outside WhatsApp. Also, chatbots are way more expensive than form links.

This may be debatable, but many people still prefer to message a human being and not a bot with predefined questions and answers. Besides, forms will save both users and agents a lot of time that can be invested in completing the transaction instead of messaging back and forward until everyone involved gest what they need to proceed.

Is there a trial period for form links for WhatsApp?


Much like our Multiagent service, Walink’s form links for WhatsApp get a free trial for you to create up to 3 form links with their own questions to test if it is the right solution for your business before you start paying for the service.

Use cases for Form links for WhatsApp

Here are some use cases of the Form links that businesses may require to ask their customers for information to offer their products and services.

Travel agencies

  • Destination
  • Budget
  • How many people are traveling?
  • Traveling for business or pleasure
  • Preferred dates

Car dealerships

  • Budget
  • New or used
  • Type of vehicle
  • Financed?

Real estate agencies

  • Location
  • Looking to buy or rent?
  • Budget
  • Type of place
  • Amenities

Even though we can’t mention all types of businesses for use cases, these questions may give you an idea if form links are what you need for your business and you can always get the free trial to be sure!

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