Quick replies you need in WhatsApp Business

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Published on: 2021/10/05

By: @lm_sati


Quick replies you need in WhatsApp Business

Time management is essential to provide great customer service in WhatsApp and to achieve effective communications specially when your business receives hundreds of chats daily, it is recommended to use the business tools the app provides. Today we want to share a few quick replies you need in WhatsApp Business that you and your team should set up immediately to improve your performance when messaging customers.

How to create quick replies on WhatsApp

First you need to install WhatsApp Business on your device to get access to the business tools including quick replies.

In the business app go to Settings > Business tools > Quick replies, there you can add your quick replies by simply entering the message and a shortcut that will help you quickly send messages on your chats without having to type it single time. The shortcut contains a keyword preceded by a slash: "/welcome".

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Quick replies you need in WhatsApp Business

Now that you know how to create them, we will address some quick replies you need in WhatsApp Business to improve your performance an optimize your time when messaging customers. We have separated them in 3 categories so you can determine the type of messages your business needs.


Excellent customer service in WhatsApp starts by greeting the user and introducing yourself, we recommend that every agent in your business introduce themselves to each customer so they can have a personalized experience chatting with a real person.

Quick replies for introducing yourself:

  • Hi, my name is _. How can I help you today?
  • Hi, my name is _. I'll be helping you today with your inquiry.

Frequently asked questions

One of the most important things in customer service on WhatsApp is to have frequently asked questions written down to answer your customers' inquiries. Now you can add them to quick replies to save some time on each chat. When you add up to hundreds of chats a day you can outperform any other agent just by using shortcuts.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Pricing
  • Shipping
  • Location
  • Business hours
  • Details on best sellers
  • Discounts

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Chat control

Finally, we recommend you create quick replies in WhatsApp Business to keep control of your chats according to their life cycle. This will help you identify in your chat feed, which conversations are new (by using the introduction reply), which ones are waiting for response (i.e. when you want to provide some info that is not available at the moment), or when a conversation has already ended.

Messages by life cycle:

  • Introduction
  • Waiting response messages
  • Closing messages

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