What is the difference WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

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Published on: 2021/03/02

By: @lm_sati


What is the difference WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

As we've mentioned in other articles, WhatsApp is the future of ecommerce happening today so inevitably more and more businesses are joining the app to connect with customers. In 2017 WhatsApp enabled the possibility to create business accounts with features developed for providing proffesional customer service, but What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?

They are different apps

While anyon can use the business version, it is not the same app as "normal" (personal) WhatsApp and you must keep this in mind when you want to use WhatsApp Business.

To create a WhatsApp account you need a phone number to assign to it so the app can identify you as the owner. The same applies to WhatsApp Business, only 1 phone number can be assigned to a WhatsApp Business account, so if you own only 1 phone number you have to choose which of th 2 apps you are going to use.

The user interface is practicaly the same in both apps and won't be much of an issue to get used to it after switching from your personal WhatsApp.

You should read our post on how to change WhatsApp to Business where we explain step by step so you don't lose any info or conversations.

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Business tools

When you open a WhatsApp Business account you can go to settings and see new business tools for managing your profile, chats, messages and more. All these features are tools to make business operations easier in WhatsApp, whether they are used to sell products and services, provide customer support or other activities you consider relevant for communication with users in the app.

In our opinion, the top 3 business tools in WhatsApp Business are:

  • Automatic messages.
  • Quick replies.
  • Catalog and shooping cart.

To learn about all the features can read What is the WhatsApp Business app.

Proffesional customer service in WhatsApp

More than 80% of users prefer to buy products from businesses that reply via WhatsApp. The most important aspect is that WhatsApp Business provides a proffesional company profile and every user who texts you will trust is chatting with a business, they can see the business hours, products you offer and will be more likely to buy from you.

If you want to learn how to sell on WhatsApp here are 10 Keys to deliver great customer service in WhatsApp. You should also go to our free WhatsApp link generator to start leading more customers to your chat.

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